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Riders like it for its relative lack of adversity. Novices come to complete their first centuries. Veterans come to set personal records. Hammerheads ride their big chainrings all day long. The scenery is sweet, but you can sum up what everybody likes in two words: easy and fast. Don't you deserve a holiday from climbing every now and then—and from traffic and rough pavement?

Calibrated with a Jones-Oerth-Lacroix counter, following the same painstaking procedures as the International Olympic Committee and USATF course certifiers. It begins at Rossview High School and moves clockwise through Montgomery County, Tennessee, and three counties in Kentucky - mainly Todd County but also Christian and Logan.

It easily cou
ld be. It should be, because here, you ride faster by maintaining a steady effort over an easy course, not by taking chances. We don’t encourage reckless riding. We also limit speeds, by avoiding fast downhills. The century course does have a single quarter-mile rise of 66 feet. All the rest are short and shallow. Yes, we support the lead peloton, but THIS IS A TOUR, NOT A RACE. Obey the laws, be courteous, and use common sense. Judicious doesn’t have to mean slow!

THE ELITE PELOTON (Start time at 6:45 AM):
You must be capable of averaging at least 25+ mph for 100 miles to join the lead peloton. You must do your fair share of the pulling; wheel-suckers will be banished. We've observed unprepared riders going out with the elite group, thinking it will be "cool," but they "bonk" about 50 miles into the ride and have an absolutely terrible time getting home. Don't join this group unless you know that you can average 25+ mph AND can contribute to the pace line. For this elite group, we offer motorcycle support with intersection control and a trailing sag vehicle with basic energy food and water. We do not offer "MAVIC" style wheel exchanges or repair services. Tandems cannot participate in the elite peloton. (Don't get us wrong. We love tandem riders and we welcome each and every tandem to participate in the regular ride -- but not the elite peloton.) The 2008 elite peloton set a 100-mile course record of 3:44:55.  The 2013 elite peloton official time was 3:55:50 .NEW RECORD...3:43:41 set by the 2014 peloton

- Helmets are required for all riders.
- A full release must be signed by all participants (parent or guardian must sign for and accompany children under 18).  You may be asked for this twice...just to be on the safe side!
- Abide by all traffic laws.
- Be polite to other riders and respectful of home and property owners.
- SAG support will suspend at 4:00 pm. Showers close at 4:30 pm. No exceptions.
- Rest Stops will close when the broom wagon passes on a given route.
- Elite peloton does not allow tandems. Sorry.

- T-Shirt on day of ride for pre-registered riders. (...and while they last, for those who sign up on the day of the event. All others will be mailed after the ride, if we run out. You must fill out a  LEGIBLE mailing label, please. )
- Cue sheets
- Well marked roads
- SAG support (until 4:00 pm)
- Rest stops
- Porta-Potties
- Showers after the ride (bring your own soap and towel)
- Spaghetti meal if you have an appetite
- And, heaven forbid: emergency Medical services